Loving your work is required.

There’s an old proverb that says, “Your mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master.” It’s been my mantra for the last 15 years. Our current world system was created by the mind and ego. The new world must be created from the heart, using the gifts of a humble mind.

Whatever you do to ‘make a living,’your heart must be showing up in order for you to be healthy and to create a healthy world. Even “good ideas” often result in unintended harm. I firmly believe that our heart’s wisdom is the only trustworthy guide forward.

SO if you’re burned out, feel inefficient, have a special project or event, or just need a “dream midwife,” let’s have a heart to heart.

My areas of real-world experience:

  • Grassroots start-ups and small nonprofits and businesses
  • Graphic design
  • Planning + strategy
  • Fundraising + event planning
  • Marketing/ Social Media

My consulting fee is on a sliding scale depending on organizational budget.

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