about me

Hello there, stranger.

I might not know you personally, but I do know that you have the capacity to feel really good inside your own body and mind, no matter how things feel right now, and I’ll even be bold enough to say it’s your right to feel that way regularly.

Helping people feel authentically and consistently good inside is my offering to this big wild world of ours.

13319944_10105158665350188_8337370241947072869_nMy story

Like a whole lot of people, I had a difficult transition out of childhood, and lived through some heavy after-school-special lessons in what NOT to do. Drug and alcohol abuse, mental and emotional illness, codependency and abuse? All of the above! It was not a very fun party inside of my head. By age 19, I was leading a life of, to paraphrase Thoreau, “quiet desperation.”

At age 20, I was pursuing a degree in psychology from University of Washington when I walked into my first yoga class.

I know what you might be thinking…wow, another white girl who got into Yoga! Yes, that IS where this is going.

I quickly found myself gravitating away from brain science and towards the more holistic science of Yoga. Insert a video montage of me doing yoga and crying on a meditation cushion from 2003 to present.

Humans seem to have forgotten some really basic things, like “you are more than your body and mind” – that are causing us to crumble in various ways. Experiencing and integrating the depth of who you are is the most direct path to healing and happiness. It’s also immensely empowering: you are meant to be your own healer.

What I teach

I teach a holistic system of Yoga called Purna Yoga (Purna means ‘complete’), which has an authentic and beautiful lineage. The system includes asana (physical movements), nutrition, lifestyle, and Heartfull Meditation. I’ve taught very different people – from upper class moms to kids in juvenile detention – and you know what? We all need the same thing: more love. And love wears a lot of hats. So that is what I teach – how to invite that energy we call love into your body, mind, soul, life, relationships, work, etc. I also practice it on the daily.

To be upfront, I should mention that my goal (and the goal of Purna Yoga) isn’t just to help individuals, but to be part of a collective healing process for our communities and planet. What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

I’ve pretty much been trying to incite a revolution since college, where I burned myself out magnificently as an activist. What did I learn? Gandhi knew what he was talking about: you have to ‘be the change’ while working for the change. The pitfall of some spiritual paths is that they take you out of life. The pitfalls of most work in the world is that it takes you out of your spiritual self. When we merge those two worlds together? Shazam. Holistic, lasting changes in our lives and on our planet.

Let’s do this.






Alive & Shine Foundation (2015 – Present), Bellevue, WA || Board President

Yoga Behind Bars (2007 – current), Seattle WA || Co-founder; Director of Training (2014 – 2016); Executive Director (2009 – 2013)

Ruckus: UW Progressive Newspaper (2002 – 2004), Seattle, WA || Writer (2002 – 2004); Editor-in-Chief (2004)


Motherhood (2013-present) || I learned more in the first four years of parenthood than all of college

Alive & Shine Center (2010 – present) || Ongoing Intermediate Meditation (Savitri); 500 hour yoga certification, 2011 (Savitri + Aadil Palkhivala)

Yoga for Trauma (February 2013) || 18 hour training (Hala Khouri)

Trauma Stewardship (November 2012) || 8 hour training (Laura Van Der Lipsky)

Amrita: a sanctuary for yoga (2007 – 2008) || Anusara Yoga Immersion (Sarah Joy Marsh)

Hatha Yoga Center (2005 – 2007), Seattle, WA || 200 hour yoga certification and mentorship (Bob Smith + Ki McGraw)

University of Washington (2001 – 2005), Seattle WA || Bachelor of Science in Psychology; Minor in Philosophy (cum laude)

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