Losing your mother-mind

Yesterday I witnessed a mother completely LOSE IT in the parking lot of costco while her three young children climbed all over her car. The last thing I heard was her shrieking (at children and, I assume, God): “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I AM SO DONE!!!”

And maybe I’m a terrible person, but I didn’t go over and try to help the mom. I wouldn’t appreciate a stranger awkwardly inserting themselves into my parenting-gold-medal moment. But maybe I just blew it.

We’ve all been there. Maybe not in a parking lot. Maybe at 3am after multiple sleepless nights. Maybe in a fit of projected anger while dealing with a crumbling marriage. If you haven’t been there as a mom, just say ‘Thank You’ to the Goddess of Motherhood and don’t judge.

Anyway, while driving away, my heart blared this into my whole body-mind: “WE ARE FAILING MOTHERS SO HARD.” And I cried (of course). I have cried more in the 2.5 years since my daughter was born than in the 30 years prior to her birth. Can I get a what what.

But it hit me in a new way that day…the most vulnerable humans on earth are in the care of mothers. Why are we setting them up to fail? Where is the web of love that helps us stay balanced and sane? Why is this lowest priority in the US? And…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I AM SO DONE!

Once home, I sat down, dove into my heart (Heartfull Meditation I love thee), and asked what I could do to be a solution. Three things came:

1. I finally decided to TRICK myself into better self care by getting a membership to Alive & Shine Center (formerly Yoga Centers) – victory!

2. I decided to spend Sunday making prayer-filled food for my brand-new-mama cousin (such a blessing to hold and behold new life. wow).

3. I’m asking anyone who reads this to go into your heart, ask how you can LOVE a MOTHER – yourself, others, mama earth – and then do it.

Take care of yourself, take care of your people. We are in such a crazy time and country, and all the children are watching us. Be so kind, internally and externally.

That is all.

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